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HUSBANDS BEWARE- A Man Would Pay 3 Crores To Wife Of Household Chores

A man from Argentina has to pay 8-million pesos (approximately 3 Crore Indian Currency) to his ex-wife for the stay-at-home stereotype.

They got married in 1982 before and after 27 long years of marriage got divorced in 2011.

Known only as ML (wife) and DB (husband), the woman who is now 70 years old faced financial hardship following their separation.

ML (wife) holds an economics degree but devoted her time to being a homemaker, took care of the household and gave up her career while the man worked.

After her divorce, she started facing financial difficulties and was able o find a job because of her age.

So at last, she decided to seek financial compensation as she worked more as compare to her husband doing households.

Deputy executive director of the Latin American Justice and Gender Team, Lucia Martelotte said, “This verdict is very novel because it acknowledges that what we do in our homes is a job, care tasks are a job because they involve time, effort and skills.”

“But this goes unseen and women do not get a salary for that”, Lucia added.

The man was then demanded to pay his ex-wife 8-million pesos (approximately 3 Crore Indian Currency)), with the number being described as a reasonable sum as part of a divorce settlement,

Judge Victoria Famá said in the ruling that ‘women being financially dependent on their men’ is central to maintaining women’s continued societal subordination.

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