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“If I Die, Yograj Singh Shall Be Responsible”: Satish Kaul

Actor Satish Kaul, who is often called ‘Amitabh Bachchan’ of Pollywood, has been living near Ludhiana with his fan Satya Devi ​​these days, has hit back at his fellow actor and cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s father, Yograj Singh.

A few days ago, famous actor Yograj Singh surprised everyone during a press conference in Bathinda, when he said Satya Devi is keeping Satish as a slave.

Recently, Satish Kaul replying to Singh has said, “Whatever Yograj said during the Bathinda Conference, all is wrong.”

He have dismissed every allegation put on Satya Devi.

Satish Kaul said, “I do not know why Yograj Singh does this to me, he never came to my aid when I had worms in me and was sleeping on a tire.”

Kaul claimed, “Satya Devi is equal to my mother, whatever he said against her is wrong, If I had 9 million and had 2-2 cars why would I be living like slaves? If something happens to me then only Yograj Singh will be responsible”.

Singh actually asserted in the press conference that, Satya Devi has kept Kaul as a slave and is not letting him go.

Yograj claimed that just a few days back, “I called up Satish Kaul, so that I can bring him to my home, I talked to him and send the car, but suddenly Satiya Devi started shouting at me.”

The veteran actor also asserted that money is going to their accounts but it is not getting to him, “I’m ready to bring him home, I’m ready to clean his urine too, but I do not know why Satya Devi does not let him come.”

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