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Rival Jockey

In A Bid to Win, Horse Tries ..

An intense competition e produced a shocking moment when a racing horse-bit its rival jockey in France to win the race.

The horse tried to take a chunk out of rival jockey Francois-Xavier Bertras’s arm during the stretch run of a thoroughbred stakes race at Maisons-Laffitte Racecourse, near Paris.

The footage of the race shows Francois-Xavier Bertras’s, one of the jockeys, wearing a yellow helmet, maintains a consistent lead.

However, when the jockey in the second position draws closer, his dark brown horse (Palomba) tries to bite Francois’ arm (who was in lead).

CHOMP to victory!

Watch the video here:

Despite the little bump on his path of victory, Bertras, who was unharmed, finished the race first, despite the little bump on his path of victory.

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Responding to the bizarre incident, Bertras said, “We watched the race back with the stewards and you can see she has me by the arm three times – it was pretty funny to see.”

“It was a pretty strange sensation because the filly came alongside and then ducked her head at me while in full flight,” Bertras added.

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