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Indian Man Undergoes Sex Change To Claim Retired Father’s Pension

The railways has referred a letter to the central government, a letter from a 32-year-old have been a boy, but when he underwent a sex-change operation, e has become a woman and is now demanding a pension from the Railways. A case has come to light in the middle of 2018, when the person has wrote a letter to the Railways, which was later received by a division under the Chennai-based Southern Railway. However, there are some rules to be followed to claim the pension.
  • Sons over 25 years are not in any position to claim the pension.
  • There is no age bars on an unmarried or divorced dependent daughter (the eligibility will be only when the employee’s wife has also passed away).
  • If a railway worker has only daughters in his family and is not married, he gets a pension.
Putting the railways in a fix, the women’s father was a retired railway worker employee in railway who passed away in 2017. The 32-year-old appealed that she is eligible for the pension as an unmarried dependent daughter because she was already “living the life” of a woman before her father passed away. “There is no precedence of a case like this in the 160-year history of Indian Railways. And since government policy on this is not quite clear, we could not address the matter at our levels,” said the Senior Divisional Personnel Officer of the division that first received the letter. India’s family pension policy is governed by a number of laws, including The Pensions Act, 1871, the Central Civil Services (Pension) Rules, 1972, and Central Civil Services (Commutation of Pension) Rules, 1981, among others, all of which have been amended a number of times and this would be interesting to see what turns will this case take.

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