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Indian-Origin Man Convicted in US for Drowning Wife in Bathtub

An Indian-origin man had been convicted by a US court after he killed his wife and fled to India. 44-year-old, Avtar Grewal, who was extradited to the US in 2011, has been found guilty of first-degree murder for his wife’s death by the jury and his sentencing is scheduled for August 23. According to reports, Grewal strangled and then submerged his 30-year-old wife Navneet Kaur in a bathtub. The couples got married in India in 2005, but as per the attorney the couple was in a long-distance relationship as Grewal was living in Canada while Navneet Kaur was in the US on a visa. Prosecutor, Juan Martinez told the court that Grewal would call his wife multiple times to track her location and in case she didn’t answer the phone, he would call her office and other people related to Kaur.
Maricopa County prosecutor Juan Martinez
Prosecutors told the court that argued that without any reason Grewal was jealous and was trying to control his wife. Whereas the defense attorney Jeffrey Kirchler Kaur repeated her desire of wanting a divorce and admitted to cheating on Grewal.
Defense attorney Jeffrey Kirchler
Giving an example of Grewal’s controlling nature and to prove that he only cared about himself, Martinez informed the court that during their marriage Kaur needed heart surgery and she chose to be treated in the United States. However, Avtar Grewal coveted her to have the surgery in Canada and even spied on his wife’s laptop while she was recovering.


Around the time of her death, Navneet Kaur called and expressed her desire of wanting a divorce and Grewal said he wanted to speak about it in person, according to prosecutors. Grewal flew from Canada to Phoenix, where Kaur picked him up from the airport and took him to her house to have a conversation, where the couple argued and it escalated to the two slapping each other, the defense attorneys said. Prosecutors said Grewal dragged his wife and strangled her and then submerged her in a bathtub of water. Court documents stated Grewal has mental health issues and is being housed in the mental health unit in jail. Grewal was arrested by international authorities and extradited back to the US.

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