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indian man jailed

Indian-origin man sentenced to US jail in call centre scam

An Indian- origin man has been sentenced eight years and six months in jail on Thursday for his association in an India-based centre fraud in Florida on.

According to US Justice Department, Judge Virginia Hernandez Covington also ordered 27- year-old Hemalkumar Shah a fine of $80,000.

After Shah admitted his shame in January, he had been convicted of wire fraud conspiracy and aggravated identity theft in connection to his contribution in call centre fraud.

Between 2014 and 2016, Shah and his accomplices extorted money from American residents by impersonated US tax officers and misleading victims to believe that they owed taxes to the officer and threatened them to arrest if they didn’t pay the taxes immediately, according to court filings.

The document said that scammers hired people known as “runners” to collect the tax money from the victims through wire transfers or in the form of prepaid cards.

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