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Indian-Origin Women In Coma Threatened By U...

Just for the sake of their bright future students migrate from their homeland to a totally new space.

An Indian origin woman had same dreams in her eyes when she left her country in 2010 and came to the UK on a study visa.

After that she proceeded to work in the arts industry. Her life was on point till the time she fell ill with a Crohn’s disease.

The 31-year-old, Bhavani Espathi was in a vegetative state for a approx. a week after undergoing a major surgery, when she received a letter stating that her application for leave to remain in U.K had been refused and that she was prone to be forcibly removed.

While she was unconscious, Bhavani’s fiance, Martin Mangler appealed against the decision, providing medical letters from her medical consultants stating that if she were to travel her life would be at risk.

But in a reply Home Office said that while the medical treatment she was receiving was “unlikely” to be available to the same standard in India, this did not entitle her to remain in the UK – and that she could receive “palliative care” in her home country if the appropriate treatment wasn’t available there.

Shocked with the reply by the Home Office, Bhavani said she wasn’t expecting them to pass such heartless statement that” Even if the drugs aren’t available then you could receive palliative care’.

Earlier in September 2018, while she was unconscious in hospital her application was rejected and two months later her appeal was refused again.

The refusal letter to Ms Espathi’s appeal, issued by Home Office on 3 December, stated: “Whereas it is accepted that the health care systems in the UK and in India are unlikely to be equivalent, this does not entitle you to remain here … Should it be the case that your illness deteriorates or you are unable to access treatment, you have not shown a lack of palliative care or family support available in India.”

According to reports, a Home Office spokesman said: “In March 2019, the Home Office was made aware of fresh evidence in this case and this is currently being reviewed.”

On one hand where Home Office is been accused of being “cruel and insensitive”, lawyers says that as part of the hostile environment, this demonstrated how UK immigration rules were permitting the government to “send people to their death abroad”.

The case demonstrated how UK immigration rules were permitting the government to “send people to their death abroad” as part of the hostile environment.

Ms Espathi said,” I would do anything to just be able to have a conversation with the Home Office; It would be a risk to my life if I had to leave. . I don’t think it’s too much to ask to not want to die.”


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