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Indian Shopkeeper wins Bravery Award from UK Police

Indian Shopkeeper wins Bravery Award from UK Police

An Indian shopkeeper, Sibu Kuruvilla has been honoured with a bravery award at the Chief Constable’s Award Ceremony in Leicester, UK.

Police officers, staff, volunteers and members of the public were honoured for their bravery and achievements.

In December 2017, Kuruvilla and his colleague Najeeb Nazeer were about to close their convenience shop when a teenager intruded into the shop brandishing.

18-year-old Ayoub Tarey believed to have a firearm and demanded money. The two, however, remained calm. Nazeer activated the store’s panic alarm after he was forced behind the money counter to hand cash over.

Sibu Kuruvilla used his martial arts skills to disarm Tarey, despite Tarey is bigger in stature than Kuruvilla.

Moreover, Kuruvilla discovered that the suspect’s gun was fake.

Sibu then knocked the gun out of the intruder’s hand. Then the two worked together and apprehended Tarey, the Leicestershire police said.

Two young daughters of Sibu were at the back office of the store and witnessed what’s going on via CCTV.

When they had held Tarey, one of the girls bravely passed the phone to her father to call the police.

The police detained Tarey and Leicester Crown Court sentenced four years in jail in June 2018.

“Tarey is a prolific criminal, who at such a young age, committed a series of serious crimes. He was detained at the scene of the last of those crimes. I would like to commend the bravery of the victims who detained him,” Detective constable Nick Lant said.

After receiving the award Kuruvilla said, “I did what I did to protect my family and my livelihood. We opened the shop, as usual, the morning after the attack, it was Christmas Day – I run a community store and people needed us to be open”.

“The police did an excellent job collecting evidence from the shop, we were relieved with the prison sentence Tarey was given. I hope that by being in prison he has had time to reflect on what he did and his learned the error of his ways”.

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