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Indian Students detained in US; Indian Embassy opens hotline

The Indian Embassy in the United States has opened 24×7 hotline to assist 129 Indian students detained by the American authorities in the “pay-and-stay” university visa scam.

Officials said that the two hotline numbers – 202-322-1190 and 202-340-2590 – would be manned by senior embassy officials round the clock.

The detained students, their friends and family can contact the embassy at

The Indian Embassy has appointed a nodal officer to handle and coordinate all issues related to helping Indian students affected by the busting of the pay and stay racket.

A spokesperson for US ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), Carissa Cutrell said, “As of yesterday morning, ICE had administratively arrested 130 foreign nationals enrolled at the University of Farmington for civil immigration violations.”

Officials said that it has enrolled at least 600 students.

As many as 129 Indian students have been detained for enrolling at a fake university ran by undercover agents in Detroit, Michigan allegedly to remain in the United States.

(Harleen Sandhu)

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