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July Bombshell: K-Pop Group To Make India Debut

The meteoric growth of Korean pop music and dramas has surprisingly not missed India. Even though, the Netflix in India is also streaming a good list of k-dramas, like Strong Girl Bong Soon, A Korean Odyssey and Knowing Brothers. Indian K-Pop fans should buckle up as the popular group ‘KARD’ will be performing in two Indian cities – New Delhi on July 12 and Guwahati on July 14.   South Korean pop group ‘KARD’ will be the biggest K-Pop group to perform in India. The members of the group made an official arrival announcement on their twitter handle. A fairly new group, KARD debuted in 2016 with its first single ‘Oh NaNa’ and its first album ‘Hola Hola’ in July 2017. KARD made history as the first ‘co-ed’ group in K-Pop, which features two male and two female members universally known as J Seph, BM, Somin and Jiwoo. KARD’s India debut will be marked as the beginning of the group’s ‘Play Your KARD Right tour’. The organizers of the event are Pink Box Events (an event management company that is bringing k-pop events to India) which has previously organized K-Pop concerts and worked with artists such as NSONIC, Dabit, Hayana, IMFACT and JJCC. This time the Pink Box Events has collaborated with the Korean Cultural Centre for this concert. As for the venues, KARD will perform at the Talkatora Indoor Stadium in Delhi and in Guwahati, the concert will take place in Shilpagram. Tickets for both shows are available both offline and online. More details of the concerts can be found on Pink Box Events’ Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/PINKBOXEVENTS/).

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