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Khaira Resigned, Baldev Singh Will, Where is Kanwar Sandhu?

(Boney Bindra) As the suspended leader of Aam Adami Party Punjab, Sukhpal Singh Khaira a day before resigned from his party, there is a flood of people on social media who is asking only one question, “Where is MLA Kharar Kanwar Sandhu?”

Kanwar who has been a great help to Sukhpal since the day he was sacked from the Leader of Opposition seat was quoted by a local channel yesterday after Khaira’s press conference saying, “Only Khaira has resigned from the party, we haven’t resigned yet.”

An ex-journalist Sandhu, is at times called the right hand of MLA Bholath, it looks has been maintaining a good distance from Khiara.

Often also labeled as the “Vazir” of Khaira, Kanwar Sandhu was neither present at Khaira’s Insaaf March, nor was he present at today’s press conference of Khaira’s at Chandigarh.

A journalist even questioned about his absence from the PC but, Khaira nipped any attempt to convert this question into a controversy in the bud, by saying, ” His absence is part of our political strategy.”

It is also interesting to mention here that it was only Khaira who have resigned from the party’s membership not Sandhu, although the duo was suspended from the party together.

Khaira has been giving same reason altogether since day one when he is asked why his supporting MLAs are not resigning from the membership of Aam Adami Party, that this step will automatically make Shiromani Akali Dal the opposition in Punjab.

However, today, Khaira himself via a press conference have announced that one of his supporting MLAs, Master  Baldev Singh is going to resign from the party soon, too.

Master Baldev Singh is the most low profile MLA from the Khaira faction, and is a first time MLA, now if Khaira camp want someone to resign why it cannot be Kanwar Sandhu?

Step of Sandhu resigning from the party instead of Master Baldev Singh, makes perfect sense, our ex-associate is already suspended from the party, his resignation will be a moral support to Khaira too.

On the other hand, Bhagwant Mann and company have already declared that the whole rebellion was the brainchild of Khaira and Sandhu, so Kanwar’s resignation will be more suit the situation, ethically speaking.

But, where is Sandhu, has he left the camp?

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