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Khaira Should Let Mrs. Khalra Contest Election Independent: Bramhpura

Shiromani Akali Dal Taksali, and Aam Admi Party is ready to support Paramjit Kaur Khalra (current candidate from Khadoor Sahib Seat of Punjab Ekta Party), if Sukhpal Singh Khaira will allow her to contest the elections, independently, as Taksali head, Ranjit Singh Bramhpura. “I have talked to Aam Adami Party’s Punjab President, Bhagwant Mann, he has given his nod, if Khaira would allow Bibi Khalra to contest independent, every like minded party will make peace and support her in the elections”, said Brahmpura. Just like wine, politicians also get better with the age, obviously this theory doesn’t apply on all of them, some remain just as naïve as they are their whole life, but this can clearly be applied on Taksali Akali’s head Ranjit Singh Bramhpura. According to the political experts this his party is targeting the ‘panthak’ vote in these elections, and their this agenda was distracted by fighting against Parmajit Kaur Khalra from Khadoor Sahib seat. So, what they did? They withdrew their candidate from the seat in the form of General (retired) JJ Singh, emotional Sikh vote is with them again. But, this was not the only plan, plan was to pressurize, emotionally, their political counterpart, Punjab Ekta Party, which at one time was trying for a possible alliance, the talks broke allegedly due to Akalis not letting go, the seat of Anandpur Sahib. Now, ball is again in the court of Sukhpal Singh Khaira, who it seems, is in a tight spot, because on what grounds he was campaigning in the favor of Mrs. Khalra, Bramhpura has claimed that ground. It will be very interesting to see what is there for Sukhpal Singh Khaira to say after all this. Bibi Paramjeet Kaur Khalra if you don’t know is the wife of the famous human rights activist of Punjab, late Jaswant Singh Khalra. Bhai Khalra was kidnapped by the Punjab Police in 1995 and was then assassinated in cold blood in the custody. Khalra was the person who exposed fake encounters by Punjab police during the black age of militancy, in Punjab, which is why Sikh support is with Bibi Khalra at the moment.

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