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Man Arrested for Defrauding Amazon of Over $370K

AMAZON SCAM: Online shopping is rapidly growing year by year but still, there are instances where online shopping does not turn the way we want to. We have heard many cases of leading e-commerce companies making wrong delivery or delivering inferior products or damaged items to the customer. Many customers in such cases follow the guidelines of the company to return the products but one man took advantage of return facility of Amazon and allegedly scammed the company of about $370,000 (₹ 2.5 crores). A man from Palma de Mallorca in Spain had been returning parcels filled with dirt – matching the original weight to Amazon. According to reports, the man and his friends would request for return after returning the parcels. Lacking proper inspection, the returned packages turn out to be lying in the warehouses, which led as to why Amazon took so much time to realize that they were being conned. Eventually, the fraud was detected when apparently random search was conducted in one of the warehouses of the company. Amazon’s Technological Crimes Group of the Upper Balearic Headquarters then looked up into this activity. The man was then arrested in the alleged scam. It is the second biggest Amazon fraud worldwide and biggest ever in Europe, El Espanol reported. In the biggest scam, Indiana’s two con men managed to earn $1.2 million by selling about 2,700 items from Amazon, which included products like Macbooks, Xboxes, smartwatches and tablets. The duo was arrested and sentenced six years in prison.

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