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Manje Bistre 2: Get ready Dance on this cheerful Mash up

Punjabi films have always been a feast to the eyes for one and all.

Be it for the pure entertainment it provides, the kind of subject matter it indulges in, for all the melodious music tracks and groovy ones too and many more aspects make Punjabi films most watchable ones.

Recently, the biggest film franchise ‘Manje Bistre’ has been making a lot of news.

The makers have treated their fans with a lot of bright and vibrant stuff by sharing the posters, character posters, songs, challenges etc. And the kind of response and love they have garnered is simply impeccable!

Today, the makers have released a Mash Up track, which is a mix of tracks from Manje Bistre and Manje Bistre 2.

It has been beautifully crafted, keeping the all the significant tracks in this mix.

The title track, the signature sound behind everyone pouting, and the dance track ‘Dubai wale Shaikh’ in the previous Manje Bistre has been seamlessly blended with new title track, and Current which form a part of Manje Bistre 2.

The track is oozing with dance beats of Bhangra, so everyone get ready to shake a leg on this new released Mash up track.

This song has been released by Saga Music. The music has been given by Jay K (Jassi Katyal). The film is all set to release on the 12th of April, 2019.

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