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Master Baldev Leaves AAP, Resignation Written By Khaira?

So, finally as anticipated and speculated from a long time, Member of Legislative assembly from Jaitu and leader of Aam Adami Party, Master Baldev Singh today resigned from the basic membership of the party.

As the resignation was circulated in the media, everyone was talking about same thing, “It feels like the resignation letter submitted by Master Ji is written by previous  LoP of Punjab Vidhan Sabha.”

Everything in the letter has been said and claimed by Sukhpal Singh Khaira in his previous Facebook live conversations and media interviews.

Coming back to the letter, Master Singh in the very first paragraph of his resignation has claimed that the party is no more working with same zeal it started and has a whole new agenda now.

Singh asserted that he was “moved and motivated” by the Anna Hazare movement, which lured him into the party.

Master also maintained that he left his well settled job as a government teacher, to be with a new party, although he had more than four years left in his tenure.

This is where after Sukhpal Singh Khaira’s touch can be seen making changes in the letter, “Many Punjabis like me saw a dream to improve the plight of Punjab through the third alternative created by AAP… instead of expressing faith in the abilities of Punjabis… you send (sent) an army of outsiders to muzzle the voice of our people”, reads the letter.

Usage of word “Subedar” in this paragraph also raise eyebrows.  Exploitation of women, nepotism, abuse of money, favortism and arrogant activities are some more blames shot at “AAP’s Subedars” via this letter.

After charging Durgesh Pathak for AAP’s defeat in Punjab elections of 2017, the letter talks about how “unceremoniously and undemocratically, removed an honest Sukhpal Singh Khaira from the post of LoP”.

This whole paragraph is concentrated on praising MLA Bholath and degrading, MLA Dirba, Harpal Singh Cheema.

Arvind Kejriwal’s, Bikram Majithia apology also took the charge henceforth, question of rivers, collaboration, Swaraj, rejecting his own party’s constitution were the things discussed in this paragraph too.

“Therefore keeping in the view the above saddening developments and circumstances in mind which portray AAP in the same category of rampantly corrupt traditional parties like the Congress, BJP, SAD, etc. I have decided to quit as primary member of AAP”, are the last words of Baldev Singh as AAP leader.

As per political experts, it is quite possible that Sukhpal Singh Khaira might have hand-drafted this letter personally, to degrade the head of  Aam Adami Party for another time.

On the other hand Khaira supporters are calling this letter the most true thing on this world. Whatsoever it may, Khaira has written it or not, it seem that Khaira has started to pull the strings and AAP is in dire need of some new year miracle.

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