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Microsoft Unveils World’s First AI-created Whiskey

Earthlings have been enjoying the pleasures of whisky for over thousands of years. Whiskey, a distilled alcoholic drink, first came into being in Scotland and Ireland and then in different parts of the world with different ingredients and flavors. And, for the every first time, artificial intelligence has done something amazing for whiskey lovers – it has been used to create whiskey.

How Whiskey Is Created?

Recently, Microsoft worked along with Fourkind, a Finnish technology firm, and Mackmyra Whisky, one of Sweden’s most popular distillery to produce world’s first AI-generated whiskey. Their system analyzes existing recipes of Mackmyra, as well as some triumph ones, to provide an enormous bunch of potential recipes. The firm thinks this trialling would possibly end in a higher quality of whiskey.

Making Whiskey Is Not Simple In Any Respect

It is significant to say that making whiskey is easier prepared than made. It takes a minimum of 3 years as part of a method to be prepped that includes distilling the drink then storing it in wooden containers (casks) for an long period of time. These containers are not only for assortment, they infuse aroma, color and flavor into whiskies.

Whiskey’s Taste Depends Upon Age And Wood Of Casks

Hundreds of thousands of aromas and flavors can be made by just combing the age and wood of casks with freshly distilled whisky’s content and the aroma and flavors of their previous ingredients. In fact, distillers can spend their entire life tasting, tweaking and testing with flavors.

This is when AI technology came in

As the production process of whiskey is not easy, and to make it more simpler and reliable, Microsoft introduced the AI engine that essentially designs unique recipes that really tastes good. Powered by Microsoft’s Azure cognitive services and Azure cloud platform, it designed machine learning models, and fed them with recipes, customer preferences and sales data of Mackmyra, so that it can come up with different recipes – all based upon the cask is available.

It Can Create Over 70 Million Unique Recipes

In a blog post, Microsoft said, “With this dataset, the AI can generate more than 70 million recipes that it predicts will be popular, and of the highest quality based on what kind of cask types there are in the warehouse.” The AI-created whisky will soon go on sale and is now available to pre-order.

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