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Missing 2-Year-Old Autistic Toddler Found Alive From ..

A tragic incident was averted after a 2-year-old toddler was found alive from a heavily wooded area.

2-year-old girl identified as Gabriella Roselynn Vitale went for a family camping trip in northern Michigan, a region of the U.S. state of Michigan.

According to her family, they were campaigning for the past week and were ready to depart from the area on Monday morning when they realized that Gabriella might have walked off into the woods.

The Michigan State Police launched an urgent search after the toddler was reported missing.

Police started of their search for Gabriella from the campsite in Oscoda Count and even urged people to volunteer through their social media handle.

The matter got more serious when the police found Gabriella’s pink jacket some 100 yards southeast of where she went missing.

More than 50 searchers, an assigned emergency team and 10 K-9 teams were trying to find the little girl Tuesday morning.

After the ongoing search of more than 24 hours, Gabriella was found alive and well around 11:30 a.m.

Investigators said that Gabriella walked up to a residence between a quarter mile and a half-mile away from the command center.

The search ended on Tuesday as the residents informed the police as soon as they recognized the child from news. Residents said Gabriella was “alive, well and healthy” when she showed up at the cabin.

Gabriella’s mother expressed her appreciation and said in a statement: “Thank you to the numerous public safety officers and the once who helped to locate our girl. We’re forever grateful to the Fairview Community.”

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