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Mumbai Teen Commits Suicide over Discrimination for Being Gay

A Mumbai boy allegedly jumped into the sea in Chennai, killing himself, as he was upset over the discrimination he had to face for being a gay, said police on Tuesday. In two Facebook posts in Hindi and English, the 19-year-old Avinshu Patel held no responsible for ending his life. On July 2, Patel on Facebook wrote in Hindi, “I am a boy, everybody knows that. But, the way I walk, think, emote and talk is like a girl. This is something people of Bharat do not like.” “I’m proud of other countries for the respect they give to gay people and transgenders. I am proud of my supportive Indian people too,” he said in the English post. “It is not my fault that I am gay.. This is god’s mistake…I hate my life,” remarked Patel, who worked at a spa in Chennai. teen kills self Police said that the locals on July 3 alerted the police after his body was found washed ashore at a beach in Injambakkam. “We investigated, but there are no signs of abuse. We are, however, probing the death,” said a senior officer. “Every queer person faces harassment. Section 377 may have been struck down, but it remains a judgment. It has not changed people’s mentality or out everyday lives. Not many organisations have anti-discrimination policies to provide LGBT+ individuals with safe spaces,” says C Moulee, founder of Queer Chennai Chronicles.

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