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Octopus Attacks Woman As She Tries To Eat It Alive

A terrible incident took place after a Chinese blogger live streamed herself while she tried to eat a live octopus. A 50-second long clip was shared on her short-video platform Kuaishou, where the blogger, known as ‘seaside girl Little Seven’ can be seen taking the ‘swallow live Octopus challenge’. However, the challenge soon turned into a horrific scene. The octopus with its tentacles latched tightly to her face. At first, the woman laughs while pulling off tentacles from her face but her laughter soon turns into screams as the sea creature doesn’t release her face. After getting rid of the animal, the woman got minor injuries with her face bleeding from quite a few places. The blogger, after such a terrific incident, yet informed her viewers that she’ll eat it in the next video. The video clip has been viral on the social media and internet.

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