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Oregon Man Beats Cancer

Oregon man beats cancer twice then wins $4.6MILLION in lottery

Oregon Man Beats Cancer. Then beats it again. Then Wins a Lottery.

It is quite rare that a man beats cancer twice.

But this Oregon man not only overcome cancer but has now won a $4.6 million in a state lottery.

He seems to be a very lucky guy.

Stu MacDonald buys a Megabucks ticket every week and his wife wishes him luck every time but the one time she forgets, he won.

‘I have survived cancer twice and here I am. This is amazing. I am a very lucky guy,’ MacDonald said.

MacDonald is left with $1.56 million after paying taxes following to take the hefty sum payment of $2.3million.

On September 7, MacDonald bought the lottery ticket from Ashley’s Café in Bend.

The Café will receive 1% winning a bonus of $46,000.

The manger of Ashley’s Café, Tezra Kong said, “We are thrilled to learn that we sold a Megabucks jackpot.”

“Some of the seller’s bonus will go back to the team that strives to delight our guests every day here at Ashley’s in Wagner Mall,” added Kong.

A Mega Millions jackpot allots odds of about 1 in 300,000,000.

And you are more likely to become the United States President.

Oregon Lottery players have won over $38 billion in prizes since 1985.

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