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Osama Bin Laden’s closest Son loses Saudi citizenship and carries a reward too

Osama Bin Laden’s closest Son loses Saudi citienship and carries a reward too

Saudi Arabia did not take time to Strip Off the citizenship of Hamza Bin Laden after United States of America announced upto $1 Million reward for the information of younger Bin Laden’s whereabouts. Announcment of revoking his citizenship has been published in their official newspaper Um al-Qura on Friday, citing a royal order issued to the Interior Ministry.US has claimed that Hamza Bin Laden who is nearly 30 years, is the emerging leader of the Al Qaida, Islamist terrorist group. Hamza has been working to reunite the Al Qaida. He had been classified as a “Terrorist” by the United Sates of America since 2017.

Hamza had threatened to target US citizens abroad and requested Saudi tribes to unite with al-Qaeda’s Yemeni branch to fight their enemy. Though the actual whereabouts are unknown, the Al Qaida’s new leader is believed to be hiding in Pakistan-Afganistan border area, but US officials say that he might cross into Iraq. Hamza is holding citizenship of many countries. According to the State Department Bureau of Counterterrorism and Countering Violent Extremism– UN member states are required to freeze Hamza bin Laden’s assets, and comply with a travel ban and arms embargo.

Osama Bin Laden’ closest son was Hamza Bin Laden. Born in 1988, Hamza was a close confidante of his father. Many evidences have been found from Osama’s Hideoutthat he is preparing Hamza to be the new leader of Al Qaeda, which supports the claim. Following his father’s footsteps, Hamza had released many video and audio messages for the his followers  to attack the US and its Western allies in revenge for his father’s killing.

Osama Bin Laden was kitted in US Navy Seals attack in 2011 in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Osama had claimed the responsibility of 9/11 attack on US in which around 3000 people were killed.


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