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Our Claim, This is “Gully Boy’s” Most Honest Review Ever!

Zoya Akhtar’s movie “Gully Boy” has been released today on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, in theaters.

Ranveer’s “Cheer-Faad” was already in the headlines even before the movie was released, ever since the first look of the film was released.

The songs of the movie have already hypnotized the fan base, duh! like Ranveer Singh alone wasn’t enough for it.

Let’s face it this movie is just an Indian styled served version of Eminem’s biopic released in almost two decades ago, “8 Miles”, but it the magic of holy hunk Ranveer’s acting which can make one fall in love with a copied script too.


Film’s direction has been under the scanner from a long time as Zoya Akhtar has previously seen as a director who can only present the goody-goody side of life.

Star director who has big films like ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ and ‘Dil Dhadkane do’, has done a pretty good job of showing the darker side of life too.


The story of ‘Gully Boy’ is written in a very simple manner, it revolves around the life of two rappers Devine and Naezy hunting for their talents within on the streets of Mumbai.

You will surely feel your heart sinking in your stomach after seeing Murad (Ranveer Singh’s) struggling life in the movie.

His father (Vijay Raj) is a driver who is against his rap career but Murad is supported by his lover cum best friend Sophina, the character played by the dashing Alia Bhatt.

MC Shera (Siddhanta Chaturvedi) enters the way of Murad like a messiah and shows him the path to fulfill his dreams.

In an attempt to fulfill his dreams, Muraad starts going with a stage name of ‘Gully Boy’. Then the story welcomes the entry of Sky (Kalki).

Sky is doing a music study in a foreign college and she make rap videos with Gully Boy and Shera. You will have to watch the movie to know how the Gully Boy gets success in his life.

But we are giving the Movie 4 Global Globes.

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