Friday, August 23 2019


The people of state of Punjab are well known for the passion for Food and lifestyle. Punjab Youth’s most passionable dream is about going on a foreign land. Most of the lot among youth always have it in mind that how can he crack out the way abroad. People who have bank balance afford to dominate the top creamy layer from India going abroad no matter what they do in foreign lands.

Punjab has observed various time phases of people going abroad. Punjab has observed every thick and thin of the hardships of those people. In the initial days people used to pay money and and used to go abroad legally. There was no loophole where punjabi’s used to skip through illegally. Then came a phase where people paid hefty amount of money alongwith the Illegal documents. A trend was set by the people to produce fake documents on their behalf and without any hesitation submitted them in embassies who’s crosschecking was not upto the mark.

Embassies on realizing the frauds enhanced their crosschecking of the documents and started enhancing their securities. Then a phase was witnessed about the Agents who charged almost the double money and used to send people illegally. Such people used to spend many days in containers and forests before reaching their destiny. Many of them could never make it to their destiny because of the hardships in those travels. Punjab still don’t have their account officially. People even started to pay agents so that they make them reach on the other lands by inhumane ways and then they seek political asylum on reaching their destiny country. Later a phase was witnessed about the students applying for Student’s visa. Maximum of them never completed their studies who had applied for the student visa. Though few of the above mentioned ways are still prominent in many areas of Punjab, but there has always been a rise in the people aspiring to go abroad.

One of the trends that punjabi’s had set was about getting married to foreigners and settling there labeled as Contract Marriage. People in India had just crossed their limits for such purposes. In India people started to play their Marriage card comfortably to fulfill their dreams.  Around 7-8 years back there was a case wherein Embassy got suspicious about the relation of the 2 youth who had applied on marriage basis. The groom and the bride happened to be the real brother-sister. To clear their doubts Embassy officials asked both of them to have intercourse and have their medical test in the morning. To the ill fate both consummated and had medical done by the morning. This happens to be Indian real story.

Latest in this trend came to surface from Punjab where a girl named Amandeep Kaur had faked original documents of her Maternal Aunt’s daughter Ranveer Kaur. Even the passport of Ranveer was compromised with the consent of the near relatives. Amandeep kaur applied for a marriage with a boy who was a PR in Australia. This boy happened to be the real brother of Amandeep Kaur. Both had Anand Karaj in a local Gurudwara  on 09 December 2012 and applied for a spouse visa. Since the couple/ Brother-Sister are settled in Australia. At present a case has been filed by Ranveer Kaur against 6 of her own relatives for supporting the forging of her documents including her Passport. No arrests have been made so far.

Though it is the so called passion but it must be analyzed on social terms, weather relations mean nothing in the name of Passion for Foreign Lands? Is it really important to overlook the holy relations in this race?


Irvinder Singh

21 Jan 2019

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