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“Price For Spying Neighbours”- Women Head Stuck In Gate For 5 Hours

It’s a good idea to keep your nose out of others’ business or else and terrible neighbours can be one of the most irritating things in contemporary life.

A Colombian woman, who supposedly was trying to check if her neighbor was home, got her head stuck in the front metal gate.

Photos of the woman, who is not identified yet, is from the town of La Virginia, Colombia, poked her head through the gate and however, her head got stuck and she was forced to wait five painful hours before emergency services arrived and freed her.

The reality is yet to be publicized, id she was really spying on her neighbors or was just trying to take a look if anyone’s home or not.

But the photos which went viral on social media undoubtedly showed that she had a hard time when she tried to pull her head back through the grate, she realized she wasn’t going anywhere.

A cop and firefighter appear to be helping her as onlookers smile at her misfortune.

The story was first reported by a Radio platform, and since then the woman have been doing the rounds on Latino social media.

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