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Producers Rejected Story of ‘Qismat’ At Least Thousand Times: Sidhu

Love is a deep emotion and is equally hard to express. There was a time when Punjabi film industry was known for its Comedies, but then something happened, and that something was ‘Qismat’. Jagdeep Sidhu’s ‘Qismat’ is now a statement which can now be shown as an example to show the transactional phase of Pollywood. Only a few directors have managed to dabble with romance on screen, and Jagdeep Sidhu is one such director who has handled the subject with ‘love’. When I asked Jagdeep Sidhu, the concept of his movies is very unique, did he ever faced rejection for his any film, then he revealed, “Our Punjabi industry is not experimental at all. I faced so much rejections for ‘Qismat’. No one was ready to work on Love story in Punjabi cinema. We had even another alternative climax for this movie.” He continued, “First we thought we shouldn’t kill a girl. That’s why we shot 2 climax. And the time of Post Production we took a decision of taking a risk, as my conviction was saying we should kill Baani.” However, last week Jagdeep Sidhu’s Guddiyan Patole has been released. The female-oriented movie appreciated by audience as well as critics too. We Know, that female oriented movies are not so famous in Pujabi cinema. But Jagdeep Sidhu took this risk too. When I asked him, how he come with this movie which is only revolving around Ladies. He replied, “Guddiyan Patole movie is inspired from Jasmine Sandlas. I love the bonding of Jasmine Sandlas, her sister Rosleen with their grandmother. By watching her snapchat, I  got inspiration to write this movie.” As we know, Jagdeep Sidhu always highlight the actress in his movie. I asked him, Undoubtedly he took a great risk when he decided that he will make female-oriented movie, was he sure that audience will able to accept this concept. He said, “ For me, actress is very integral part of any movie. I didn’t feel good whenever anyone not use one actress properly in their film. One actress is very much equal to any male actor. Whenever I write script, I always take care that I should give proper and good role to my actress.” Just when we were enjoying great figures at the box office by this female-oriented movie, another one by Jagdeep Sidhu got announced. He shared about the upcoming movie titled Sufna which would release next year on Valentine’s day. After looking at the announcement poster, we can guess that the movie is a love story and we hope this one would be as memorable as Qismat.

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