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$1.1 Million

Prove a Conspiracy Theory and take $1.1 Million Home

There are several conspiracy theories attached to specific locations. And one of them is a German city dating back to the 9th Century, with 340,000 residents. The theories attached to this Germany city, aren’t quite as disturbing or complex: Truthers simply assert that the city doesn’t exist. Have you ever heard of a city name Bielefeld? Do you know anyone who has ever been to Bielefeld? Whether your answer is ‘yes’ or ‘no’, but this city is definitely gonna fill your pockets with money. The city of Bielefeld in north-western Germany launched the bizarre marketing stunt this week. Bielefeld Bielefeld Bielefeld is now offering a $1.1 million (nearly ₹8 Crores) prize to anyone in Germany who can prove the city’s non-existence. To disprove a 25-year-old conspiracy theory and put the matter to rest once and for all, they have come up with the $1.1 Million worth #Bielefeldmillion challenge. The evidence can come in many forms—photos, videos, or documents—but it has to stand up to the scrutiny of the contest’s organizers. The idea that Bielefeld doesn’t exist was first floated on the internet in 1994. A student named Achim Held light-heartedly posted the message “Bielefeld? There’s no such thing” on the Usenet system. His message went viral (or viral for the early 1990s, anyway) and sparked a rumor that Bielefeld still isn’t able to shake. As per reports, Chancellor Angela Merkel also referenced the conspiracy after her visit to the 18th largest city in Germany. Angela Merkel Refereeing to the city’s existence, Angela Merkel said, “So it does exist. Well, at least I had the impression I was there.” Now it seems the city has decided to join in — and turn the joke on its head.

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