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Sons Beheads father for not letting him play PUBG

Looks like PUBG addiction hasn’t ended. In a shocking incident, a man murdered his father as he was stopped from playing PUBG. Raghuveer Kumbar, 21, from Belagavi district of Karnataka allegedly had a constant tiff with his father over PUBG addiction. Raghuveer Sunday approached his father Shankrappa Kumbar, asking for money to recharge his phone, so he could play the game. However, 65-year-old Shankrappa refused to give him the money, Katki Police. On Monday, the Katki Police in Belagavi district received a phone call from Shankrappa’s family that he’d been beheaded. Raghuveer’s deceased father, Shankrappa Kumbar was a retired policeman, says police.

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“Shankrappa had been trying to get his son off PUBG for months now. Shankrappa had told his colleagues that his son was addicted to the game,” said Shivanand Koujalgi, Inspector of Katki Police Station. Over the last few months too, he had advised Raghuveer to stop playing the game but the boy did not listen to him. Raghuveer was not going to college and was also unemployed,” Koujalgi added. Shankrappa and Raghuveer had fought on various occasions over his addiction to the game, the inspector told TNM. On Sunday night, Shankrappa allegedly took Raghuveer’s phone and refused to give him money to recharge his mobile, the inspector said. “When everyone went to sleep, Raghuveer slit his father’s throat, beheaded him and also cut off his legs. He then took his phone and ran away from the house,” Inspector Shivanand added. Other sources say that the youth is allegedly a victim of mental disorder caused by excessive exposure to the game, which led him to do the heinous act. The Katki Police arrested Raghuveer on Monday afternoon. The police say that he has confessed to having killed his father. 21-year-old Raghuveer has been booked for murder and dismembering his father’s body. Follow us on Facebook for more updates.

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