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Public Review of Movie “Guddiyan Patole” By Global Punjab

Sonam Bajwa, Gurnam Bhullar, Tania and Nirmal Rishi starrer “Guddiyan Patole” movie released yesterday and as the hype was created by the trailer of it, the movie was very well written and received by the critics. Movie was released on the occasion of Woman’s Day, and rightly so, there couldn’t have been a better day than this to let out this epic. Storyline of the movie is, for the third time only in Punjabi industry, woman centric, sparingly and unorthodoxly it was the first time when a Punjabi singer (who are these days, already actors by right), played side role in the movie. Cast Let’s come to the cast of the movie, the film is led by two sisters on screen, Sonam Bajwa and Tania. Sonam is playing the character of Cash and Tania’s character in the movie is named Anichole who makes life better for Nirmal Rishi who is playing Cash-Ani’s nanny in the movie. Gurnam who was expected to play a bigger role in the movie was seen playing a side of driver named Amrik. Only thing missing from the movie is the chemistry between Bhullar and Bajwa, this is just one loophole we could find in Guddiyan Patole. Direction Direction of the movie is something which attracted me the most, Vijay Kumar Arora has done a superb job in this section of the film. Meanwhile, the production of this movies is completed by Bhagwant Virk and Nav Virk and finally the well appreciated Villagers Film Studio is the banner under which the movie is made. Guddiyan Patole is awesome, Guddiyam Patole is different, do go and witness the change coming in Punjabi movie industry. We are giving this movie four golden globes. Oh, and here are public reviews of the film:

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