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24-Year-Old Punjabi Youth Found Dead In Canada

Punjab Youth Found Dead In Surrey after ..

A 24-year-old youth, who went to Canada for studies, died in mysterious condition.

To fulfil their dreams of higher education and improve the economic position of a household the youth migrate from their homeland to a completely new world.

Punjab is one of the few states in the country that have historically contributed to the pool of international migrants and continues to do so.

Having dreamed of studying and giving success to the family, a 24-year-old youth migrated to the foreign land, but after a while, everything shattered for his family when they came to know about his demise.

20 days after a 24-year-old Kotkapura youth studying in Canada went missing, his body was found in a secluded house in Surrey city, British Columbia, Canada.

Roxy Chawla
Roxy Chawla

As per the family members, they were trying to know about Roxy’s whereabouts until they got a phone call from the Canada police officials.

The Canada police officials conveyed told them about the recovery of Roxy’s body from a house under mysterious circumstances.

Roxy’s father, Bhagwan Dass Chawla said that his son used to talk to his family often and the last time they spoke to him was on July 26, after which his phone started coming off on July 27.

“We did not pay attention to it for a couple of days, but when two to three days we got worried and tried contacting his friends. But none of them gave us a satisfactory answer”, said Bhagwan Dass.

The family members said that they traced Roxy through one of their relative’s son, who lives in Canada.

Bhagwan Dass said that he found that Roxy had died on July 27 due to poison, but received the reports after about 20 days on August 15.

Bhagwan suspects that his son may have been murdered and demands for a proper investigation.

The family members have sent a letter to the Punjab government to bring Roxy’s body to India with the help of the Centre.

Roxy’s friends have also created a page to raise funds and send his body to Punjab.

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