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Punjabi Singer Tarsem Jassar’s Life copied from an Arabic Song??

Punjabi singer and actor Tarsem Jassar after a long gap released a new song ‘Life’ on his 33rd birthday on July 4.

Tarsem Singh Jassar’s song Life is trending on number 1 on video sharing platform, YouTube and has received more than 76 lakh views.

The song, which gives positive and life-inspiring messages, is copied from an Arabic song, Boshret Kheir, sung by Emirati singer Hussain Al Jassmi.

Fans might get disappointed after hearing that Jassar has been accused of copying the lyric, music, composition and even the video concept from a foreign artist, singer Hussain Al Jassmi.

Here the song from which ‘Life’ has been copied:

Watch ‘Life’ music video here:

No doubt, the lyric of the song is influencing and motivating, but Jassar, in the start of the video or in the credits, should have mentioned that the music, composition or video is inspired from an Arabic song.

So that, when the original video releases, Jassar might not get accused of ‘copying’.  However, in the start of the video, he has mentioned, “Inspired from True events.”

Jassar has sung and written the song ‘Life’ and was released under the banner Vehli Janta Records music label. The music of the song has been given by Western Pendu and was shot by Gagan Harnav.

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