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Punjab’s First Ever ‘Pride Parade’ to Be Lead By Amritsar Teenagers

Two 18-year-old teenagers are breaking the barriers in Punjab as they decide to take to the streets of Amritsar upholding lesbian and gay rights. Well aware with the fact that they will face wide criticism, the teens have shown exemplary determination and audacity to make such bold move. In a society that is continuing to view homosexuality as disease, Ramit Seth, a straight allay said that when he told his family that first questioned him whether he was a gay. While talking to a leading Indian newspaper, an individual voluntary representative of the LGBTQ community in Amritsar,  Ridham Chadha said, “We will take out Punjab’s first ever ‘Pride Parade’ on Sunday with around over 100 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Queer’s (LGBT) from Amritsar and Jalandhar.” When asked about the feedback from her family on leading the Pride Parade, Ridham, a bisexual, said, “They neither opposed nor openly discussed it.” Ridham added that so far, she had never been into any relationship but deep inside she always believed been a bisexual. With some support of a Ludhiana based Non-Government Organization (NGO) Project Kushal, both the teenagers will make people aware of the LGBTQ rights in Punjab. Founder of the NGO, Mohak Thukral said, “We are committed to support the fundamental rights of LGBTQ community and have provided them with posters, banners etc.”

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