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Salmon Trapped in Canada Landslide to be ..

In June, thousands of Canadian salmon were stuck behind a rockslide on the Fraser River in a remote part of British Columbia.

After spending week of speculation, the rescuers have devised a plan to fly the fish over the barrier with help of a helicopter.

First Nations, conservationists, fishers, officials and other had worries that the fishes need to be able to lay their eggs or this can lead to the permanent loss of Chinook salmon populations.

Fisheries, Oceans Canada, and the B.C. government made the solution public after they came up with the plan to fly the fish by helicopter to a spot on the other side of the rock fall.

Tens of thousands of migrating salmons are stuck behind the rock and as per reports only but it is believed that only 700 have managed to pass through the area affected by the rockslide without help.

Construction of a holding pond with oxygenated water for the salmon is in process by the crew.

In order to track the salmon’s journey afterwards, workers are tagging them. As the officials want to keep of a record of the number of salmon’s successfully get above the blockage.

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