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Sanjay Dutt badly TROLLED for not wishing daughter Trishala

Sanjay Dutt, who will be next seen in the historical war drama “Panipat”, always makes sure to be there for his family.

Being the father of three kids, the veteran actor recently posted a picture with his little girl Iqra that has landed him in hot water.

Taking to Instagram, Sanjay shared and clicked where he can be seen planting a kiss on his daughter’s forehead as she smiles brightly for the camera.

However, it is not the picture but the caption that created the ruckus.

The caption reads, “My daughter is my treasure. I pray that every girl child is given the love and care they deserve! ❤#NationalGirlChildDay”

this caption raised many questions about Trishala Dutt as to why he has shared no picture  or post.

One netizen said that Trishala would be really hurt by his actions while another simply questioned where is Trishala Dutt?

Many weren’t as gentle with their comments. One said that the actor differentiates between his daughters and hence has lost all his respects.

One even went on to call on the whole thing messed up.

Well, this proves once again that the social media world is unforgiving and celebs in particular have no margin for error.

(Harleen Sandhu)

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