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Sky Turns Purple as Typhoon Hagibis approaches Japan, Why

Sky Turns Purple as Typhoon Hagibis approaches Japan, Why ?

There is an atmosphere of fear as Super Typhoon Hagibis approaches the country, called the strongest storm of 60 years.

In the wake of the upcoming torrential rains, Tokyo announced the highest level of alert in 7 prefectures also ordering over 50,000 people to evacuate to safer places.

Tokyo urged another 4.2 million residents to flee the endangered areas as well.

According to the information received, the storm is expected to hit the coast on Saturday (today).

Guts of winds are moving at a speed of 140 mph (225 km per hour) in Japan.

The skies over the capital of Tokyo has turned pink and purple due to the impact of ‘Hagibis’ storm.

The Typhoon Hagibis means “speed” in the Philippine language.

A similar storm in Japan in 1958 caused enormous destruction, and that left 1,269 people dead.

Why is the sky Purple?

As the storm approached, residents took to social media to share pictures of the sky on Saturday. The sky had turned a deep violet.

The vivid purple tint is a phenomenon called “scattering” which often precedes or follows a major typhoon or hurricane.

Scattering happens when the molecules and small particles in the atmosphere influence the direction of the light, causing the light to scatter.


In 1958, more than 1200 people were killed, and thousands became homeless due to the severe storm.

Winds running at a speed of 180 km have started causing havoc. Many vehicles overturned on the road due to strong winds.

According to the JMA maximum gusts of 216 km/ hour were forecast by the time Hagibis crashes into the land.

As per local emergency workers, one person had died, and five people were injured when early on Saturday the storm’s outer bands began lashing Chiba.

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