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Religious discrimination in Pakistan

“Stop Forced Conversion of Hindu Girls in ..

Protesters mostly from Sindhi community on Saturday gathered at the Mississauga Celebration Square, Canada demanding Pakistan to stop forcible conversion of minor Hindu girls.

According to the organizers, the protest was held to force the government of Pakistan to take action against criminals, who are kidnapping and raping innocents by using religion as a means.

An official release calling for the protest stated, “As you all know Sindhi Hindus are in pain because many cases of forced conversions of Hindu girls are happening in Pakistan nowadays.”

The protesters chanted slogans like, “We Need Justice.”

Moreover, the demonstrators could be seen holding placards, which read, “Pakistan stop kidnapping of Hindu girls, stop forced conversion of Hindu girls,” “Stop persecution of religious minorities in Pakistan,” “Stop forced conversion of minor Hindu girls in Pakistan,” among others.

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