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Teen Murderer Escapes Prison By Swapping Places With Twin Brother

A 19-year-old teen murderer is said to have escaped prison by swapping sneakily with his twin brother. Reportedly, the sibling switch rook place in south Turkey’s Mersin where convict’s twin Huseyin A. took his brother Murat A.’s place. 19-year-old Murat A., who was serving first year of a murder sentence, trade places with his twin brother when he came to visit the convict in prison. According to local media, the murderer successfully walked out of the prison while Huseyin took the place of his brother in the cell. To detect the subtle differences in the twins’ faces, the prison does not have a facial recognition system but the prison guards smelled something fishy. A search and found operation was carried out by the police force in the area to find Murat A at his home. The convict, Murat was taken back to the prison and locked up with his twin brother, who has also been detained. However, it is not clear why the twins decided to switch places but an investigation is currently going on. A similar incident happened in Peru in 2017, where the convict, Alexander Jheferson Delgado Herrera escaped prison by switching places with his twin Giancarlo. It was discovered that Alexander had drugged his brother, changed into his clothes and walked out of prison but was recaptured a year later.

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