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Bag Full of Snakes

Thieves Mistakenly Steal Man’s Bag Full of Snakes

Thieves Mistakenly Steal Man’s Bag Full of Snakes

Call it serpent mistake or a snake surprise! A reptile lover says thieves who made off with his duffel bag probably thought they were taking swag. But actually it was a bag full of snakes.

Brian Gundy runs a Campbell-based educational snake business For Goodness Snakes. He on Saturday afternoon had given a presentation at a library in downtown San Jose, California.

Gundy had left his duffel bag full of reptiles in a parking garage to retrieve his car.

After returning to his car, Gundy found a bag was gone. The bag contained four pythons and a lizard, valued at $5,000.

Talking to KRON-TV, Gundy said he found two snakes later in a dumpster. But he is worried about the other reptiles’ safety.

Shorty is a Burmese python while Piper, Bob and Whitey are ball pythons. Whereas, a 12-year-old lizard is called Stretch.

Taking online help, Mr Gundy took to YouTube asking the public’s help in recovering the reptiles:

Mr Gundy only wants to get the animals back and thus, does not want to press charges.

“These are animals that I hatched,” said Mr Gundy. “They are my babies.”

He adds that the snakes in the bag are not venomous and not a threat to anyone who might encounter them.

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