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This Temple Disappears In Water Twice a Day

When the British left India, some of them called it mere a land of magicians and snake charmers. Yes we do have a lot of snakes and we still do have a lot of magic left in our roots, want proof? Sambheshwar Mahadev temple is located near Kavi village in Gujarat is one. Mother Nature herself does Jal Abhishekh of this 150 year old Shiv lingam every day as per local beliefs. 2 times a day this tiny temple dives inside the water due to high tide. This temple was found 150 years ago. Pamphlets are given to the visitors of this temple. In these pamphlets time of high tide is mentioned. So, the people who come to this temple shall not have to face any problem, here. History of This Temple In Skand Puran Building of this temple is discussed in below – According to Hindu mythology Tarkasur prayed to god Shiva and seeking boon that no one could kill him but Shiva denied him this special gift, then he seek another boon from lord Shiva that only your son could kill him. Tarkasur was confident that he will live long as Shiva’s son was only of six days. Feeling the patronage of the blessing, Tarkasur started making all kind of troubles in heaven. Tarkasur troubled the angels which led to the angels going to lord Shiva on which his son Kartikeya killed Tarkasur. But later he was confronted by the angels that Tarkasur was the follower of his father on which he realized his mistake which led to god Vishnu asking Kartikeya to make a temple for realization of his mistake, where he shall prey every day. Well this is how the temple was made, as per Hindu mythology. -Vibhor

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