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Tik-Tok In Gurdwara Controversy: A Video, An Apology & Two More Videos

Girls who have been targeted on social media for making a Tik Tok video in the Parikarm of Darbar Sahib, Golden Temple’s parikarma, recently have finally apologized for the misbehavior.

Actually this video floated on internet yesterday in which three girls were seen doing cat walk while singer Guru Randhawa‘s song ‘Patola’ was playing in the background.

Nothing was wrong in the video except the location it was shot at, Parkirama of Golden Temple, Amritsar, where people go, seeking peace and Moksha.

Here is the real video:

Let’s hear what these young ladies have to say in their apology:

Actually this is not the first time that someone has shot a Tik Tok video inside the premises of any Gurdwara.

One of those videos is this, in which a newlywed woman with an infant in her arms is shown splashing water of Sarovar sahib with her feet, while acting on a joke from some Pakistani Drama.

Watch the video;

While this video must have created much more discomfort in the community, it hasn’t.

As per some people on social media this video matter was not questioned by the society for many reasons, one being, this lady is wearing traditional Indian cloths and as per some comments under the video, another is that she is a married lady.

Now, we do not claim that this video and audio was shot for the purpose of uploading on Tik Tok, or that the video or audio was shot at the same time, but her actions were clearly violating the rules of Sikh Rehat Mariyada.

No apology has come from her side, till now.

Let’s take another Case incident now.

Another video has been floating on the internet, in which anther girl (Newly Married) in traditional attire is shown making a proper Tik Tok video, in which she is walking towards the cameraman, just like these controversial girls in the same Sikh shrine, Golden Temple.

Check out the video here:

Now this video too, did not catch any fire allegedly because of the same reasons, the eastern attire and the fact that she is married lady, not a girl.

This woman too has not apologized, or has uploaded any such video seeking apology by now.

Which left many social critics asking, why the society is choosing to have selective outrage?

When the girls in first video are being scolded for walking inside the holy shrine and for wearing western cloths too, on the other hand a woman in eastern attire doing same thing is being spared.

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