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Police warn public about scam targeting seniors after elderly couple robbed

Toronto police joined hands with Peel Police and issued a public warning of officer impersonation scam.

Toronto police issued a public safety alert warning about a scam involving someone impersonating a police officer. According to peel police, they received several reports of someone pretending to a police officer and asking the victim to place valuable belongings outside their front door. The police would never ask you to do that and advised not to fall victim to the scam, police says. Meanwhile, Toronto police say they received reports of a similar scam targeting seniors in Roncesvalles. On September 5, a woman impersonating a police officer called an elderly couple at their home in Toronto’s west. Police say the woman asked the couple to leave a bag of money outside their house.

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“The woman claimed this would assist the police in capturing criminals about to engage in a criminal act,” police says. Police said that the couple did as the woman asked and later realized the bag of valuables were gone. “The Toronto Police Service wishes to remind the public that police officers would never telephone anyone and direct them to part with their valuables to assist in an investigation or for any other purported reason,” police said. Moreover, the police asked anyone with the knowledge of the impersonation scam to step forward to the police. There is no suspect description at this time, police said. Get Breaking news and Latest News from India and around the world on GlobalPunjabTV.in. Like us on Facebook for news updates.

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