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Butter chicken and roti

Toronto Star Criticized For Insensitive “Butter Chicken Roti” Tweet

A package of perfection for non-vegetarians ‘Butter chicken and roti’ burned fire on the internet. One of Canada’s highest circulated newspapers ‘The Toronto Star’ had come under the eyes of netizens lately. Editors at the Star had to ‘delete’ their tweet for upcoming Q&A with New Democrat Leader Jagmeet Singh. Now if you are thinking that they “might have done something wrong” then it’s true. Jagmeet Singh The tweet only grows in its absurd once one realizes that Party leader of New Democratic Party Jagmeet Singh is a practicing Sikh. Being practicing Sikh means that he abstains from eating non-vegetarian dishes (Well, duh! meat). Whereas, the Toronto Star’s tweet implied that Jagmeet Singh enjoys butter chicken, for the reason that he is of Indian descent. As a blend of both   East-Indian and West-Indies foods, ‘butter chicken and roti’ is a dish that has gained recognition over the last couple of decades. All thanks to the delete option on the tweeter, they deleted the tweet, saying that the tweet ranged from being insensitive to flat-out racist. With a note that the previous tweet was deleted, Toronto Star wrote: “Our first tweet on this story was inappropriate in tone and content, and was published before it was edited. We’re really sorry. We take this work and your trust seriously and let you down. If you want to give us feedback directly, email our public editor at publiced@thestar.ca.” There are around 25 million Sikhs in the world. Canada has the second-highest Sikh population in the world, after India. As the number of Sikh population is growing in Canada, so is the popularity of their food items.

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