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Twitter Beings Test of New ‘Hide’ Feature in Canada

American online news and social networking service, Twitter is launching an experiment with its users in Canada. Twitter will roll out a new option for allowing users to hide some replies to their tweets. Ever since the last week the company has been been testing and talking about this feature,but now this feature will be finally tested on the grounds. Particularly ahead of this fall’s federal election, the social media platform have faced immense pressure from government to police their services better. A senior Twitter Canada executive said: “The hidden replies will always be available — everybody will be able to see them and they will also be able to interact with them, but they won’t be a part of the original tweet and the original thread.” The feature is unlike muting and blocking. In muting the users can avoid seeing content from certain hashtags, accounts and replies and via blocking, a user is prevented from seeing tweets or interacting with one account. Michele Austin, head of government and public policy at Twitter Canada, said the platform designed the feature for “when a reply goes sideways,” but a user still wants that person have access to their tweets. “What we’re experimenting with— is giving users more control to have a conversation that they’re seeking while at the same time keeping that transparency, so if they choose to moderate a reply and hide it, others will have access to it,” Austin said. Users outside Canada won’t be able to use it themselves, but will be affected when it’s used.

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