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Two Punjabis’ Heads Chopped off in South Arabia

Each day many Punjabis fly to various countries, worldwide, some are more popular than others, Saudi Arabia is among the trendy ones, and the most dangerous one. In recent past we have seen videos from many Punjabis stuck in Arab countries urging Punjabi leaders to rescue them from there. In another such case, two youth from Punjab, who went to earn livelihood in Saudi Arabia, has been beheaded there. On the other hand even after one-and-a-half-month of this incident, the Indian Embassy in Riyadh did not information the families of the two young men. Confirmation of these young people’s beheading came into light when one of the victim’s wife filed a petition in the court. Following the petition, the External Affairs Ministry got the full details of the incident. According to the letter sent to the family by the Foreign Ministry, Satwinder Kumar from Hoshiarpur and Harjeet Singh of Ludhiana were arrested on December 9, 2015. Both were accused of killing a man named Arif Imamuddin. During the formal process of sending these youth back to the country, the police found some evidence of their involvement in the assassination. Both of them were sent to the Riad jail for trial, where they accepted their crime. After this, on February 28, they were beheaded. Even the bodies of both of them were not handed over to their families because it is against the rules of Saudi. Satwinder Kumar from Hoshiarpur and Harjeet Singh from Ludhiana were working as a driver in a company named Majid Transporting and Polling Courses International and Extranl in Riyadh city of Saudi Arabia since year 2013. In 2015, both of them got into a dispute with an Indian Arif Imamuddin who lived in Riyadh, who was later found murderer. It was alleged that Satwinder and Harjeet had killed Imamuddin by running over him with their vehicle.

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