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Vacationers Swept Out To Sea While Taking Pictures in Hawaii

A tourist couple on O’ahu was swept out to sea after a narrow escape of Lanai Lookout in Honolulu, Hawaii on July 14.

A bystander recorded the hair-raising video of a man and woman being hit by rough surf on O’ahu’s east side.

Initial reports say that the man, 25, and woman, 26, both were vacationing in Hawaii and ignored the warning sign while taking photos before they were swept in.

The shocking video from last Sunday has been getting viral on social media.

Discussing about this shocking incident, Shayne Enright of Honolulu Ocean Safety blamed the social media, which make people blind for likes.

Even though the lifeguards saved the duo, Officials said that the social media paints a picture of such locations being fun and safe, but it should also let people know that there are hazards and dangers that can happen within seconds.

EMS and Ocean Safety are warning beachgoers to adhere warning signs.

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