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Voluntary Death Becomes Legal In Australian State

A law passed back in 2017 came into effect, Voluntary euthanasia will now be legal in the Australian state of Victoria. Australia’s state of Victoria has enacted euthanasia laws to allow terminally-ill patients to end their lives with lethal medication. The process of an assisted suicide would take at least 10 days, so the first terminally-ill patient could die from swallowing a lethal cocktail of chemicals on June 29. As the law on voluntary assisted death (VAD) entered into force, the country’s second most populous region becomes the first Australian state to legalize euthanasia. A commission will determine whether or not to approve the euthanasia procedure by reviewing each case individually. Victorian Health Minister Jenny Mikakos said in a statement, “This is about giving people who are suffering intolerably from an incurable disease a voluntary, compassionate choice over the manner of their death.” “Around 12 people are expected to use the law this year, and up to 150 each year after that,” said Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews. For safety measures, the drugs needed for an assisted death will be provided by only one single pharmacy in Melbourne.

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