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This Valentine’s Day, 10000 youngsters in Surat will take pledge to not marry without parents’ consent

Vow “not get married without their parents consent”-Gujarat Kids

A voluntary organization run by therapist Kamlesh Masalawala “Hasyamev Jayate” had come up with an crazy Anti-Valentines idea.

The organization reached out for nearly 12 schools in the diamond heart of world, Surat on 14th February 2019.

At least 10,000 students will be taking pledge that they will not get married without their parents’ consent.

This is not it, the youngsters will keep up with the promise, even if they have to end their ongoing relationships (if their parents disapprove).

gujarati couple

When asked, “Why is he organizing such bizarre event?”

Masalawala said, “These days, many youngsters fall in love and take an impulsive decision to get married. Many even run away from homes and get married, but such relationships turn out to be short-lived. We want to promote the importance of parents’ guidance when it comes to taking such a big decision of life.”

(Dapinder Kaur)

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