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What Is This Singer Saying About Fight Culture of Punjabi Industry?

Everyone knows about the ongoing battles in the Punjabi music and film, even modeling industry. Nowadays, artists are responding to each other via their songs, which is better for everyone. The recent example of this battle is Himanshi Khurrana and Shehnaaz Gill. In recent times, both the beauties got indulged into an ugly fight, where Shehnaz Gill made a so0ng titled ‘Aunty Aunty’ for Himanshi Khurrana and in response Himanshi made a song named ‘Aag Boht hai’ for Shehnaaz. However, Khanjar fame Masha Ali shown his disappointment towards on this ongoing fights in Punjabi industry. In an exclusive interview with Global Punjab TV, Masha Ali talked in detail about Pollywood. Undoubtedly, Masha Ali’s voice is very melodious. It’s been decade that he is entertaining his fans through his beautiful songs. When we asked him, if the Punjabi industry has grown in these 10 years, or the mindset of Punjabi audience has been changed or not, then in reply he said, ” Yes, The mindset of Punjabi viewers has been changed. It’s a very good thing. But remember, Punjabi culture can’t be forgotten. We are forgetting our roots.” The next thing we asked Masha Ali, nowadays is it easy to be famous. Now it is not important that singer’s voice is good or not? In reply, Masha Ali said, ” Now releasing a song is not so important, right now the trend is to pick a fight with some another artist. And then, they will respond to each other by their songs. I will not take any names, but somewhere our artists are going into darker side. Leaving every negativity aside, we should focus on  good songs. But the problem is not only in the artists, even Punjabi audience is appreciating this hostility. Everyone should promote Punjabi culture, not this.” Well, this is true that somewhere our Punjabi artists as well as our Punjabi viewers are only busy in  focusing on controversies.  

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