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Why Sidhu Moose Wala is Sharing Jassi Gill’s Song?

Punjabi singer and actor, Jassi Gill, who is known for making heartbreakingly awesome songs has knocked the doors of audience’s court once again with his new song ‘Surma Kala’.

Jassi Gill’s new song ‘Surma Kala’ has been released, yesterday which is being liked by the audience very much, and who are receiving it very well.

It is important to mention here that Jassi Gill’s song ‘Surma Kala’ has been written by famous Punjabi singer and songwriter Jass Manak and the song has been given by Music Famous Music Director Snapepie.

Jassi Gill’s ‘Surma Kala’ song is released under T-Series banner.

In the music video of this song, Jassi Gill has played the main role himself.

The video has been co-produced by Bollywood Hasina actress Rhea Chakravarty.  This song is recorded on romantic beat, which Jassi Gill has adorned with his sweet voice.

Most interestingly, the song was shared by the official Facebook page of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala.

Ever since the song has been released and shared by Moosewala, everyone is talking about why the Canadian singer shared his song, as he is not known for having many friends in the music industry.

As of now, the reason behind this share is unrevealed and unexplained, but there are talks in the market that Sidhu and Gill both are coming up with a song, soon.

Would you like it? Here is the new song by Jassi by the way:

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