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Why Sukhpal Singh Khaira Made Himself President of PEP?

(Boney Bindra) Sukhpal Singh Khaira, a well known name in the NRI community of Punjab, a very outspoken leader.

Khiara says what he feels, there is no doubt in this that he done an excellent job as the Leader of Opposition.

There is no denying that he was the best Leader of Opposition in state’s history, nonetheless, it also cannot be denied that no one is bigger than the game itself, when you tries to outperform the game itself it spits you out, which happened to the current President of Punjabi Ekta Party.

The sacking

Ex- AAP leader, Khaira was having it all with power in hand but when he was removed on 26 July 2018 as LoP on 5:35 pm by Manish Sisodia’s tweet, the hell broke out for him.

Khaira also reacted via a tweet saying he can kick away millions of such seats for the people of Punjab, a flood of, as Khaira calls it, “Gairatmand” (proud) Punjabis came out to aid of Khaira and one of the few good leaders they got in last many years.

As the result we got a 25+ thousand gathering of people at the Bathinda AAP Convention of 2nd August 2018.

The people of Punjab were all ears for him, whatever Khaira said in the first seven days in the month of August were followed by the populace, word to word.

The Voice of Thousands

Then suddenly, Member Parliament from Sangrur, Bhagwant Mann was discharged from Ram Manohar Lohiya Hosiptal of Delhi and he did a groundbreaking press conference, clearing all the fog and letting people know that he is still standing tall with his party.

Before this, Khaira haters had nothing to rely upon in Punjab, the audience was hearing and leaning on a single narrative of the story so far, but now people who didn’t like Khaira’s thoughts and ways had a voice in upper layer.

The Key Keywords

Khaira on the other hand, started a new trend, he started playing nice and low using keywords people of Punjab hate again his own party convener Arvind Kejriwal.

Keywords like, Delhi, Delhi wale, Oh Delhi wale Asi Punjab Wale, and Bagi were used for taking moral higher ground and keeping the party down.

Finally, the press of Punjab started to follow this vocabulary, headlines like, ” Khaira faction’s warning to Delhi faction of AAP Punjab…” became more frequent.

New Tactics

When this strategy was countered by Bhagwant Mann’s perfect campaigning and Harvinder Singh Phoolka’s success in Delhi genocide cases, Khaira started targeting Kejriwal personally, calling him a dictator and what not.

Just yesterday, Sukhpal attacked his previous party’s leader, Arvind and accused him for holding three big positions of the party, which was a right accusation, his allegation on Kejri that he is a dictator of some kind holds some ground too, “Khair” we will come back to it again.

Formation of New Party

After numerous Press Conferences, Facebook lives, rallies, marches, and tweets finally, Sukhpal Singh Khaira got his own new party.

Punjabi Ekta Party, this party promises big things, one which I personally like is the promise of implementing everything they mention in the party manifesto, if they wouldn’t then Election Commission of India (ECI) can scrap the party.

PEP is claiming that they are going to give this in written to the ECI, as a legal document.

Let’s talk money now, even in his resignation submitted to AAP, Sukhpal Singh accused Kejriwal of being a dictator.

Sukhpal Khaira claimed that Kejriwal has become, Chief Minister of Delhi himself, he is the convener of the party and he chairs the party, PAC too.


But, when Punjabi Ekta Party was made, finally, Sukhpal Singh Khaira appointed himself the president of the party, if ever in future by any chance, PEP wins the elections and goes on to make government in Punjab, who’s going to be their Chief Minister?

The answer is Sukhpal Singh Khaira, who is addressing all the press conferences by Punjabi Ekta Party? Sukhpal, who is eating most of the camera minutes from PEP? Khaira, who is behaving exactly like Arvind Kejriwal now? Sukhpal Singh Khaira.

The Messer Becomes The Messies

So, now that we have established that Sukhpal Singh Khaira has become a person he hated so much, can we not expect some day, somewhere a new Sukhpal Khaira rising in the party?

Our political experts believe that, this new Khaira in PEP is going to be Sukhpal’s best friend, Kanwar Sandhu.

Kanwar hasn’t been addressing the media from some time now which wasn’t a problem back when Khaira started his usurpation in July 2018.

So is this really happening soon? Kanwar Sandhu is revolting against Khaira? Why hasn’t he resigned, yet? Where is this man now?

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