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Why/Who Is Trying To Convert This J&K Gurdwara into Temple?

You must have not heard of this beautifully placed Gurdwara named Shiri Pathar Sahib, because of its location, Leh (Jammu and Kashmir).

Check these pictures of the Guru-Ghar first before dipping into the news more.

Now, there are good chances that you might haven’t seen this shrine before and there are good chances that you may not be able to see it ever again as a Gurdwara.

Actually as accused by the head of the Damdami Taksal and President of the Sant Samaj, Giani Harnam Singh Khalsa, local authorities have wiped out a number of Gurbani verses and Khalsayi symbols from the walls of the building and even replaced it with Buddhist symbols and Hindu ones.

These accusations are supported by this video here:

This historical Gurdwara was constructed in the memory of Shri Guru Nanak Dev.

Khalsa on the issue said that it is serious conspiracy to destroy the historical material related to the Guru Sahib which has wounded the Sikh hearts deeply.

He said that such actions are taken for spreading communal hatred among the communities, which cannot be tolerated at any cost.

Singh further added that Gurdwara was under the supervision of the Indian Army, which sadly, are repeating the same mistakes like attacking Golden Temple during June 1984, instead of learning from them.

He said that so far the matters of Gurdwara Godri Sahib in Sikkim and Gurdwara Dang Mar Sahib of Haridwar has not been resolved and now Gurdwara Patta Sahib of Leh has joined the list.

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